Fleur Hamill (Divine Weddings Magazine)

Dror Eyal is right up there in my Fav's of Favs. When I look at his work it's like I'm looking at pure magic or an artistic masterpiece. Some photographers can't help themselves their soul just seeps out into their work and it becomes evident that they can't just take shots like everyone else but capture Life at it's essense.

zelda & jaco

The smell of the first summer rain, mom's steak and chips, Wish You Were Here performed by David Gilmour in Gdańsk and my Dror Eyal wedding pictures, these are some of my favorite things.

prelina & yoshlyn

Thanks so much for capturing such amazing photos. Yoshlyn and I ... AND our families☺ loved having you share our special day with us. Apart from your amazing talent you are an amazing person.

karen & duncan

Right up until you see your first sneak peak photo, the doubt is there, lurking in the back of your head...'what if we are the first ordinary looking couple they have shot?'....and then you see the photos.

sharon & barley

OMG Vicky and Dror!!! The pictures are so beautiful! We love them. You guys are so talented and we are so pleased that our high expectations were met.

wanji & ricki

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful work that you did and for being with us (even with all the drama and changes before the day) and without showing an inch of exhaustion. I can't believe what images came from your & Vickys cameras even when i was actually there when you snapped them! your work goes beyond photography and i'm so lost as to understanding how you both do what you do. Even mom-in-law gets you now: '...it's art!' she says when we talk about the photos.

Chanel (My Wedding Day Magazine)

Your photos are amazing, you have got such a talent. I see a lot of weddings on a daily basis but I haven't been blown away like this in a long time.