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It’s December, that time of the year when we work 18 hour days editing weddings and trying to get last minute albums ready in time for our annual vacation. In the last two weeks I must have seen at least a couple of hundred images ruined by other suppliers in the photos. V and I try very hard to fit in to the general wedding atmosphere and wear appropriate clothing for the occasion. For me, a collared shirt is the minimum appropriate wear for a formal occasion like a wedding. I don’t wear all black because I’m not a ninja, I haven’t been to SWAT training, and Johnny Cash isn’t a blood relative. We wear what we would expect guests arriving to a wedding would wear.

If your videographer, chauffeur, chopper pilot, coordinator etc, etc, is going to be around on the day, they will end up in your photos because if the choice is between getting an image with the videographer in it or not getting the image, we will shoot the image. If that videographer is wearing a baggy t-shirt, jeans and sandals, they will be in your photos dressed like that. Just because it’s black it doesn’t excuse looking sloppy. If the coordinator is going to walk behind you all the way to the chapel and they are dressed for a day by the pool, they will look like that in your photos as well. If the video person or sound guy has a habit of leaving his stands, mics, tripods etc right next to you at the altar, they will be in your photos. You wouldn’t believe how much it costs to get a retoucher to remove them.


pics clockwise from top left, by V, Rianka and Andrea


We close on the 17th btw – and are back on the 2nd.

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