Nolo + Tom

It’s Christmas Eve, or maybe it’s Christmas morning already. Those dogs from next door have woken me up again, tonight they sound like they just caught Santa. The snap snap of the electric fence is starting to merge with the sound of mosquitoes. Between them, I can’t get back to sleep. In a couple of hours The Bear will wake up to his first Christmas, there is a small squadron of gifts standing at attention under the tree, they all have his name on them. I’m excited to see him open them. Hey has this way of saying a long heeeeeeeeeeeey to show his appreciation that just melts your heart.

Before that happens though, I need to post a link to Nolo and Tom’s Facebook album, some killer bee images from a wedding that was way too much fun. If you’re going to shoot an African wedding, even if it is a white/western wedding, you’re going to need a wide lens, something that will get you into that dancing crowd singing ke ba ba telele telele, up close and personal to catch all the moments. Still manage to capture Nolo in her killer bee dress, looking just slightly nervous, capture her twin sister Tshego looking so happy for her, capture the sense of family and tradition and history and …

I’m only going to post one image, the sun is starting to rise, but you can check out more images from their rocking wedding on our facebook page. If you were a guest or you know them, you’re welcome to leave a message or tag yourself in.

Nolo and Tom in Secunda

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