Free Couple Photography

I was recently chatting to a friend of mine and she mentioned a story that she’d heard which basically revolved around how discriminating certain photographers were around who they will photograph. It was actually a terrible story which doesn’t bear repeating, but anyway, this got me thinking about various things and trying to decide what it is as a photographer that one can do about these things. So after chatting to V we have decided to offer free photography to couples who find themselves in terminal circumstances, serious illness, that sort of thing and would like good photos of themselves.
There is no catch, obviously we need to work around the studio’s timelines and availability – I kind of look at these free photography offers with a pinch of salt most of the time, you know the one’s I mean, free-destination-wedding-photography-as-long-as-you’re-somewhere-exotic-and-cover-my-expenses or the ever popular free-photography-because-I-need-to-expand-my-portfolio-don’t-forget-to-send-a-photo-so-I-can-see-whether-you’re-good-enough, this is just V and I taking some photos of you etc. No big sales pitch, nothing to buy, we won’t use you in our marketing, just photos for you and your loved ones. Anyway, lets see how this goes.

More details etc mail us at info droreyal co za, we are based in Johannesburg, but we travel to Cape Town a few times a year.


Free Couple Photography


if you’d like to help, you can click the like button and maybe some of your facebook friends might know someone, or you can embed the image in your blog.


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