2011 year end

I’m just wrapping up a few things before we close the studio for the year. Take a small break, enjoy the festive season with our family – I get to roast a leg of lamb again (my secret is anchovies).

Traditionally most studios end of the year with a best of selection of images. Kind of a 2011 rewind. Going through them to pick a couple for our best of, is kind of like going through a photographic diary of our year. If you’ve followed the blog you’ll know that we’ve had an incredible year, met some amazing people and still chat to a lot of them on a regular basis. We’ve spent time swimming with elephants in Northern Thailand, shot an incredibly emotional beach wedding in Mauritius, went out on a dhow to a deserted island in Zanzibar to watch Zan and Reyna get married, we saw an incredible sunrise over the dunes in De Hoop while whales frolicked in the background, we fell in love again with the rhythm of the Johannesburg inner city, time stopped as we watched a tropical storm develop over the Indian Ocean, and so many other heartfelt, incredible, out of this world moments. Our work has been featured in numerous magazines, blogs etc, but most importantly in some of the most rockstar wedding albums. I got to speak in front of a standing room only audience on the main stage at the Photo & Film Expo, did some very cool workshops, brought out a series of DVDs and spent my year with V.

In a hyper-competitive industry in one of the worst economic climates we had a support network of other photographers. Ian Mitchinson, whose work inspires me all the time, and is always free with his advice. My co-conspirator, Werner from Natural Photography, who was likely to be up for a Skype chat at any hour of the night, and for my money is the best family photographer around. Andrea Carlyle, who is just family, and a rocking photographer. Tamlyn and Dylan from Tyme who makes killer bee cappuccinos. Sybrand Cillié (Pro Photography), aka The Cape Town connection. Sephi Bergerson, pound for pound the best Indian (or other) wedding photographer on the planet. James and the crew at Red Ivory, for being the venue that took things to the next level. Sjani at Weddings on Zanzibar who is just a rockstar in her own right and one of the nicest people we know. All the photographers who’ve been commenting on our FB page and clicking ‘like’, thank you. I do read all the comments and appreciate you taking the time to have a look at our work.

Picking a couple of images for our best of is insanely difficult, every wedding has it’s own memories and personalities for me. I’m going to post a few on our Facebook page.


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